What are Scenes?

Scenes are a way for players to manipulate the world for other characters without having to be present in any way. You can place a scene in any location and other people can stumble upon it later and interact with it. Some examples would be things like posters, a description of an area or evidence for a crime scene. Scenes persist through blackouts (server restarts) and you can set them to last up to three days. Each person can have 50 at once so go nuts!


Command Description
/scene (text) Allows you to create a new scene with the text inputted, You can use this command again to edit text later without losing formatting. Press "i" to get a list of formatting options such as text colours and line breaks.
/sceneremove Attempts to remove the nearest scene to the center of your screen indicated by a guide. Works on other people's scenes unless they disable it
/scenehide Hides all scenes and stops them from rendering, reuse to have them appear again
/scenemove Allows you to move the scene nearest to the center of your screen from one place to another as long as it's your own scene
/scenecopy Allows you to copy the scene nearest to the center of your screen,as long as it's your own scene. You can then move this copied scene and make edits before placing it down
/scenecopylast Copies the last scene you copied, no matter how far from it you are. So if you want to copy a scene to somewhere far away do /scenecopy, close the UI, head to your destination and then you can /scenecopylast
/scenescale (1-5)  Accessibility feature to scale the size of all scenes up locally to assist with players who have trouble reading small text.
/scenestats Gives you the total number of scenes currently active
/sceneedit Allows you to edit the scene closest to the centre of your screen












 UI and Options



Shows various settings for the scene




A Scene (1) A scene that's been placed in the world (The number of hours is how long the scene has been there for) Show Scene Duration (7) Allows you to toggle the visible timer that shows how long a scene has been in place for
Scene Preview (2) Preview of the scene you're creating Scene Render Distance (8) Allows you to increase the distance the scene will draw to players screens, assuming they have a clear line of sight. (The preview also renders at the selected distance.
Select font (3) Lets you change the scene's font, press enter to see the options Allow Delete (9) Allows other players to remove your scene enabling them to interact with or replace your scenes. You'd want a poster to be deletable but a description of a blown up building to not be
Text Size (3) Lets you scale the text of the scene Insert Function (10) Allows you to insert some fun mechanics into the scenes, more info in the next section
Text Outline (3) Lets you change the text outline. Presets (11) Allows you to save the current scene as a preset, letting you retrieve it much easier later.
Background (4) Allows you to adjust the background's height, width, colour, transparency as well as the image itself Descriptive Text (12) Gives instructions or descriptions of whatever option you currently have selected when creating a scene
Background X/Y (5) Rotates the scene between 0 and 360 degrees Controls (13) Press "E" to confirm, "X" to cancel and "i" for help, Arrow keys for navigation and "Enter" to enter menus or confirm
Scene Duration (6) Allows you to choose how long the scene will stay for, Before it eventually expires and deletes itself    


 Scene Functions

These are additional mechanics you can add to your scenes which players can activate by pressing "E". There are some functions not listed here which you might stumble upon in Los Santos. If you want a scene to do something a bit extraodinary then put in a /help

Note: No / is required when adding these, they're automatically added to what you type.

Shows the scene functions in game


Emote Allows you to type the name of an emote and will cause anyone who activates the scene to play the emote
Me Allows you to set up a custom /me for the activation user
GPS Saves your current GPS coordinates and when someone interacts with your scene they'll get the coordinates of where you were at the time (Make use of /scenemove)
Roll Choose the number of dice and the number of sides and anyone who comes by can roll them

Shows examples of character experiencing scenes