How to Play

Welcome to TheCrewRp "How to Play" guide! 

We’re happy to see that you’re here with us. This part of the Quick Start Guide tells you everything need to get into the city and play. If you have any questions about what you see here or need additional help, please feel free to visit the #ask-Outreach channel in the Discord server, or take a look through the rest of the CrewRPedia for additional resources.


Table of Contents

 Before you Connect to the Server


  • You need a non-pirated copy of Grand Theft Auto V on PC
  • You need a good quality mic and be relatively free from background noise
  • You need to have Steam running
  • You need to install FiveM
  • To get your audio working in-game you can follow this guide:
  • Once accepted, use the link found here in order to connect.


 Outreach Program

Welcome to the server! We have a team called Outreach who are here to make your first steps into the city, and the community at large, easy! Outreach will help organise tours, help with installation, get you started and help answer any questions you may have. There is even a place on the application that allows you to request a tour. Even if you don't request assistance up front, they're always around to assist you. If you ahve any questions hit up the #ask-outreach channel and if you want to organise a tour use @tour-guide in ask-Outreach or DM any Outreach member. 

In the Discord, you can determine who is in Outreach by the pink coloring of their name. Their role is also listed separately in the member list sidebar.

Outreach-led Technical Set Up and In Character Tours

Outreach can give hands-on support getting your game set up (if you so require) and give organise tours of the city. The tour will show you around to basic places to help you get started, give you some guaranteed roleplay and go over key skills, like seatbelts and Tweeter, so you survive and thrive in Los Santos.


 Character Creation

Your first flight into the city will bring you to Los Santos International Airport! This is where you will create your character. IMPORTANT: When going through Character Creation, the Enter key will automatically advance you to the appearance menu (while you're filling out your bio) or complete Character Creation (if you are already editing your appearance).

If your bio is incorrect, you will need to log off, delete your character and start again. Similarly, if you are unhappy with how your Character Design turned out, you can choose to either delete the character, or if it is fairly close to what you want, you can find the Plastic Surgeon or Hair Stylist in the city to get your personal appearance fixed.  You can also go to one of the many Clothing Stores to update your duds.

A New Beginning

Upon arrival at LSIA, a "Registration" dialog box asking for your character's registration information will appear in the middle of your screen. There are four fields that can be filled in, and one radial choice. 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Height to the nearest whole centimeter (Need a conversion chart?)
  • Male/Female Radial*

Please note these answers as you will also need this information later when you Register Your Citizen in MDT.

When you've filled out the dialog box, hit the Enter/Return key to advance to the Appearance Design menu.

*PLEASE NOTE: This binary choice is native to the coding of Grand Theft Auto V and, unfortunately, is the binary choice in Masculine and Feminine body types with gendered clothing and hair style choices. TheCrewRp is an inclusive community, and we welcome human beings of every race, creed, gender identity and sexuality under the sun. While we are stuck with these two options here, we have adapted and designed our custom Rp Tools to be incredibly flexible, allowing you to find your best path to being comfortable and feeling seen in your Rp, or not, as your preference goes.
Designing Your Appearance

After you've pre-registered your character, you will be taken into a rather robust menu that combines the features of the Plastic Surgery Clinic, Clothing Store and Barber Shop suites in one menu.

Don't hit the Escape or Backspace keys during this process, it will close the menu and set your appearance as the native masculine model for our server, known affectionately as "Default Dan". You would then need to murder Default Dan by disconnecting, reconnecting and deleting him from existence to try again.

Only hit the Enter key when you're satisfied with what you've created, as that will complete character creation and set you free in Los Santos. While there are options like the aforementioned Plastic Surgery Clinics, Clothing Stores and Barber Shops to help correct mistakes, it can be a time (and money) consuming task to get everything where you want it. 

Controls for the Character Creation module are fairly straight forward. You can navigate your way up and down the menus using your Up and Down keys, while your Left and Right keys can be used to sort through the options available to you. As you move through the list, the camera distance and focus will automatically shift to give you a better view of what you're selecting. You can rotate the camera using the 4 and 6 keys on your number pad.


Tricks and Tips

  • A number of items on the character design menu have "strength" sliders that reflect how strong or weak a particular element is, running from 0 (not at all present) to 10 (maximum strength). These include (but are not limited to) Wrinkle Thickness, Beard Size and Makeup Thickness. It is suggested that you maximize the 'strength' of these features if you're interested in them, so you get an impression of what they are at full power, and then adjust them down.
  • Because of the implementation of the Accessory Menu (accessed by hitting the K key), there are five items that can be taken on and off. However, the menu is still a work in progress, so it is suggested that you skip over these items if you think you'll change them later. The included items are Helmet/HatEar AccessoriesMaskGlasses and Bag. However, the accessories are more costly than a regular change of outfit ($100 a piece vs $25 for a new outfit) so do as you will.
Registering Your Citizen

Congratulations, your character is now a Citizen of Los Santos. All that is left is to officially change your address and register with the City of Los Santos and the state of San Andreas. This is handled through TheCrewRp Record Management website.

After you've completed your registration on the website, click the link across the top banner for 'Civilians' and select 'Create New.' Then all you have to do is fill out the information. It should reflect what you noted when you registered at the airport, but none of the fields are expressly required, so if you aren't certain on any of them (especially address and emergency contact, as you've just entered the city, and phone number, in case you haven't retrieved it yet) feel free to leave them blank while you develop your character.

When you're done, press the 'Create' button and you will have yourself a fully-registered resident of Los Santos. Welcome home.


 Navigating Menus

Circle/Icon Menus

Navigating the menus you find in Los Santos is easy. When you step (or, in some cases, drive) into a circle, a text box will appear on screen, advising you of what the circle is for. In most cases, you will be prompted to hit the E key to activate the menu within. Once you are in a menu, use your arrow keys to navigate up and down, enter to make a selection, or backspace to go back a level (or to leave the menu all together).

  • NOTE: Some Circles/Icons you find out in the city will not give you a prompt. In most cases, these are specialty menus require a pre-requisite, like having a certain Profession or Hobby active. If you find one of these that you think you should be able to activate but cannot, please send a report in to the Support site, and the Community Management and Development Teams will look into your issue.
Phone Menu

You can access your smart phone at any time. In order to do so, hit the F5 key and it will bring the phone menu up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Navigating on your phone menu is done largely with your Return key and your Arrow keys. Remember that most apps, once entered, offer you additional options if you hit your Right Arrow key.

Inventory Menu

Accessing your inventory is a breeze! Hit your F2 key to bring up your inventory. The inventory system that we utilize is icon based, so in most cases it's very easy to decide what you need in a pinch. If you are near the trunk of an unlocked vehicle, you can hit the G key to access your secondary inventory, which will populate on the right. When you are in a trunk, the license plate number and total trunk capacity are displayed, and you can drag items between the two inventories. 

You are offered four options in the middle of the screen.

  • Number Field: Clicking this text box will allow you to type in a number. This field is utilized primarily for the Give and Drop menus, allowing you to select how many of a given item in your inventory you wish to either give to a nearby player or to drop on the ground. If you're using a vehicle inventory menu, you will move the number of a given item from one inventory to the other. This field defaults to one (1).
    • NOTE: Money cannot be moved to your trunk in this fashion.
  • USE: Dragging an icon to this button and releasing it will make you use one (1) of an item. This is used primarily (though not exclusively) to use consumable items like food and water.
  • GIVE: Dragging an icon to this button and releasing it will prompt you to select a nearby player to give them a number of the selected item equal to the number you've typed into the Number Field.
  • DROP: Dragging an icon to this button and releasing it will drop a bag behind your character that is filled with a number of the selected item equal to the number you've typed into the Number Field. 

 The Basics

So, now you're in the city. What to do now?

Getting Food and Water and a Cellphone

Once you are moving about in the city, you will notice a yellow and a blue bar over your mini map. These reflect your hunger and thirst respectively. The convenience store, liquor store and LTD store locations are all marked with a green and black food basket on your map. While you're here it's also a good idea to purchase a notepad, found in the "Diverse" section, which you can use with /notes

The Convenience Store and LTD Locations carry an identical stock, but LTD Locations also include a gas station and are staffed by other player characters which offers a greater opportunity for RP (the downside being that they are only open when a player is working there). The Liquor Stores are similarly stocked, but do not feature nearly as many ready-made foods. When purchasing make sure to pay or empty your cart at the till before leaving otherwise you will set off the shoplifting alarm.

Equally important for your survival would be getting your hands on a phone. These can be bought from Digital Den, marked by a purple laptop, or Utool, marked by an orange calculator. Once you've got a phone you can open it with F5

Getting a Job

So what does a new citizen have to do to get a job in Los Santos? Well, the easiest thing to do is keep an eye out for the bright yellow briefcase on your mini-map or by pulling up your full map in the Escape menu. This denotes a Job Center, of which there are two, one in central Los Santos and one to the north in Paleto Bay. Here you can choose a profession. Each job has slightly different requirements and pay rates, which you can discover by investigating around the city.

Also, consider getting a job working for another player or roleplaying your own business. Because roleplay is awesome, and not having to work for 'the man' is great too.

Finally, if you are interested in a restricted role, such as EMS or PD, you can find resources to assist you on that path here on TheCrewRp website, and also in the #helpful-links-and-forms channel on Discord.

Changing Your Appearance

We know, you only *just* got your appearance where you wanted it, so why would you want to change it?

There are a number of reasons through RP that you may want to adjust what you just put together. Maybe a change of hair or clothes is more fitting after some time in the city, or a traumatic event makes your hair go white in fear! As mentioned in the Character Creation section above, you can go to a Plastic Surgery Clinic (marked with a black and white prescription capsule on your map), a Barber Shop/Salon (marked by black pair of shears with a salmon outline), a Clothing Store (marked by a black shirt with a tangerine outline) or the Mask Store (a green ski mask with black details) if you need to make a change.

But there's one other option that wasn't available when you first got into town; Tattoos! You can find a Tattoo Parlour on the map by finding the black heart with a red banner and outline across it. Tattoos are not particularly cheap, running $500 a piece, but they can be defining character items, and are a lot more fun to save up for than a fuel efficient mid-sized sedan. Note: Tattoos are permanent, so choose wisely.


The controls used on TheCrewRp are similar to those used in vanilla GTA V, except for where they have had to be over-written to get specialty effects that improve our roleplay opportunities. Luckily, we have a complete list of controls for the city available right here on The CrewRpedia.