How to Join


We are happy that you are interested in joining our community and roleplay with us.  In order to view and fill out the application, you need to do the following things in this order:

If at any time during this process you have questions, feel free to DM Outreach (the pink names in Discord, listed under the role Outreach.)

 Filling Out The Application

Now that you've made it this far, we have just a few helpful tips to follow when filling out the application.

A few of the questions on the application are rules questions.  In looking at your application for approval, we take these answers very seriously.  Good news!  You can and should have the rules open while you fill out the application.

Note: You may be asked questions through private messages or asked to do a voice interview. Please ensure your Discord settings allow direct messages from server members. Applications are handled by the Outreach team, so under no circumstances should you send questions about your application, life, the universe, and everything to Mr. Grey.  If you need to reach out, ask in #ask-an-outreach, or private message an Outreach member in Discord.