The CrewRpedia

Welcome to The CrewRpedia

The CrewRpedia is a collection of resources and articles made to answer your questions and further your roleplay. You'll find information about joining The Crew in the first place, what to do after you've been accepted as our newest roleplayer, how to build your character, basic controls, things to do in the city and numerous other resources. 

 Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is the place to find information about joining TheCrewRp community on Discord, how to apply to play on the server, information about preparing your system so you can get into the city, our character creation guide and some basic tips and tricks to help get you started in Los Santos.

 Things to Do

Los Santos is a big city, with so many things to do. Here is our guide to getting the most out of your time in the server. (Coming Soon!)

 Property and Finances

What is life without some things? Things are some of our favorite things. Here you can learn about everything you can do with money in Los Santos (mostly buying things) from a cold bottle of Sprunk or a piping hot Ezilii Brand Coffee to the freshest duds at Ponsonbys. Learn about how the ATM and banking systems work and about big ticket items like housing and super cars. (Coming Soon!)

 Player Resources

A collection of references and articles designed to help make your time as part of TheCrewRp easier, including a complete listing of the Controls that are currently in use in the city. The ever growing and evolving Player Resources area is here to help you make the most of every moment.