Development Diary - January 2021

Garages Suck!

Well, they don’t really suck. We like garages, they are awesome and needed. However, the current garage system we use is not optimal. 

Town Hall Saturday the 23rd


Salutations Improv Digital Actors!

Our next Town Hall will be January Saturday the 23rd! What time you ask? No idea we want to figure that out. 

Below I'll be posting links to both the usual questions / comment form and also a poll to see what times work best for the community. Please take a look at it and vote so we can decide when Town Hall can be most convenient to the most people.

Thanks for your feedback,

Housing Update! 1/9/2021

Attention Citizens of Los Santos:
Have you been saving up and pinching those pennies for your dream home? Tired of "the man" telling you that you will never own that house? Well, your voices have been heard. Each citizen now has the chance to own that home of their dreams if the price is right. Reach out to your favorite realtor in the city to put your bid in today and make your dreams a reality.

This message brought you from the Housing Authority of Los Santos.

(Limitation is now 1 house per character, not 1 per soul).


To deal with any future instancing issues players can now use /uninstance. So if you can see and hear people but they can't see or hear you then give this command a shot.

*Also the nudist colony has been chased out of Los Santos and into the sea... again

Accessories now free af

Hello Roleplayers!

Accessories are now free af. Hats, glasses and the like will be subsidized by the government because style is a fundamental human right.


Twitch Channel, Twitch Team, and Patreon Update

Hello Roleplayers,

We have a few updates regarding the TheCrewRp Twitch channel, stream team and Patreon. Going forward these existing accounts will unfortunately have to be deleted and recreated. This decision was made by the community lead and directors only. No previous administration or Ezili have any part in these decisions or future decisions in the server.

We have decided to not move forward with the TheCrewRp Twitch account ownership transfer due to tax reasons. Down the road we will most likely be creating a new Twitch Channel.

Town Hall Saturday 12pm EST

Hey Guys,

We just want to remind everyone that Town Hall is this Saturday the 5th at 12pm EST (Noon). If you've got questions remember to submit them on the form below. The form will stay open until Town Hall ends but the earlier you submit the better prepared we'll be to actually have answers for you. 

Community Team

Winter is Coming (Right Now)

Hey Roleplayers!

Los Santos will soon be transformed from a dingy city to a winter wonderland. We’re welcoming in winter, so put on those snow tires, dig out your scarves, and don that ugly Christmas sweater. You may have noticed some flakes but snow is here to stay; starting at backout tonight it’s actually sticking to the ground until the New Years Day thaw.

Thank you,
Community Team