New Server Application

Thank you for your interest in role playing with us here at TheCrewRp! We look forward to reading your application. 

Please be logged into your TheCrewRp account before you apply. You must link your steam account and website account. To do so go to your My Account page and click on the "sign in through steam" button. You may be asked questions through private messages or invited to a voice interview.

What we would like to see in your application

Be sure to sell yourself. Get us jazzed about your character/s.
Be creative. Who would your character be? What is their story? Give us an idea of your story telling skills.

There is no limit on space. So fill it up. The more content for us to read the better!
We mean it, type away. When we're asking about your character ideas, expand!  Or, how you would react to a fictional situation. Elaborate!

What will you offer the Community with your Roleplay?
Tell us more than that you would like to "provide good roleplay". Tell us what roleplay you'd like to do. Give great examples. Have a clip? Share it!

Don't forget to proof read your application.
Did you miss an important question? Maybe you copied and pasted your bank details. Be sure to do a once over before hitting that button. Finish with a spelling and grammar check.

No Roleplay or experience yet? 
Feel free to watch and get inspiration from some of our amazing Role players on streams at:

Please ensure your Discord settings allow direct messages from server members and before starting your application read the following:

Server Rules:

You are required to be logged into your TheCrewRp account to apply.

The Application