Streamer Spotlight: Dreav

Hi, Im Dreav. I joined The Crew July 2019 after watching a couple people from my D&D group play.

My first character was Dellilah Verri Servess, now known as Delli Servess-Hart or The Mechanic Named 3-6's Wife according to Eugene. Is probably one of only handful of characters who are still in the city, from the "before times". She is 1/2 of the D&D Automotive founders. Former member of Team C.U.R.T.I.S. Joining TCRP was my first experience EVER playing anything from the GTA franchise, so I had no idea how to play or the controls etc. Thankfully LivetoGame came to rescue, because my driving was seriously "yikes" back then. This is also why I gave her a fear of open waters because ya know, swimming controls are hard >.<

Second character and who I'm probably most known for is Dr. Desi Hitchcup formally Desi Fletcher. She is the younger cousin to Quinton, and also the DCMO of MD. When she first joined the city she was this little sheltered southern girl from Texas. Now her reputation for her Mom Voice is famous among the members of the LSPD. She married Stanley Hitchcup February 2020 and together they opened Hitchcup Winery