May Streamer Spotlight: SCSLucid

Well hello there! My name's Lucid, and I am the player behind Det. James Cole of the LSPD! Comparatively speaking, I haven't been around that long, but I applied January of 2021 after being introduced to the city as a good place to rebuild my RP. After two cities nearly destroyed the character, I needed a fresh start and The Crew gave it to me. Since joining I have been having some of the best RP I've ever had and some of the most fun I've ever had. When it comes to my stream, I tend to label myselt a 'Variety' streamer, but have been leaning into the GTARP scene a bit more as of late. The stream itself is called The Nerd Cave and, well, we talk any and all things nerd... Be it Gundam, Star Wars, Doctor Who... You name it, it's probably been discussed. So come on in, grab a Fez and enjoy the ride!

Characters... We have them! First off is James Cole... The first GTARP character I ever created and the one who's been put through the ringer... James is an former Marine SSgt who served as a Machine Gunner and served several tours overseas. He's been a State Trooper and a US Federal Marshal before landing here and joining the LSPD Investigations Division. He now serves along side his fellow officers, trying to bring peace and safety to the citizens.

Liam McTighe: This was my second character, again one from other cities. However, I've since changed his concept from what he was originally. This version of Liam was born in Northern Ireland and raised in the loving embrace of a 1% MC. They eventually decided to launch a chapter in New York and Liam moved there with his father in order to start it. He took the position of Enforcer within the MC before an impending raid caused the Prez to send everyone scattering. It was this event that led Liam to find refuge in Los Santos in order to lay low and make some money.

Percy O'Neil: The youngest of the O'Neil clan and seemingly one of the most innocent. He can normally be found carrying around Mr. Wiggles and acting like he has no idea what's going on. Underneath all that, however, is a rather intelligent boy who has been through some schooling but decided to move to LS to be with his family. So far he's kept his nose clean, but who knows how long that may last.

Mikhail Kirillovich: The newest of my characters and designed to be a civilian. He's originally from Russia but now is an employee of the Mirror Park LTD. If you ever see him, be careful not to loiter in his store for to long, otherwise he will start yelling at you.

I hope you all enjoy any of your interactions with any of these characters and I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!


Lucid can be seen live at