Introducing TheCrewRp Launcher

TheCrewRp Launcher is here!

The TheCrewRp Launcher was built from the ground up to make it easier to connect to the role play server(s).

On the initial launch of TheCrewRp Launcher it will check to see if Steam is running and logged in. If Steam isn't already logged in TheCrewRp Launcher will prompt you. Simply click continue and it will launch Steam for you.

We can now celebrate featured content creators within TheCrewRp Launcher enabling you to meet some of your new favorite content creators!

TheCrewRp launcher also features community news and announcements related to the community and servers.

Quickly at a glance you can see the population of the server(s) and the queue. Simply click the area to refresh it or use the shortcut CTRL + R!

When you're ready to role play simply click play and the launcher will automatically connect you to TeamSpeak and the game server(s). Once successfully connected TheCrewRp Launcher will close automatically for you.

Along the bottom you'll find links to important areas of the community including the website, rules, MDT, TheCrewRpedia and Patreon.

You can download it right now!