Featured Streamer: EngineeringTuna

EngineeringTuna, or Tuna for short, joined TheCrewRP back in May 2020. Though this wasn't her first stint into roleplay. Tuna's been a part of several literate roleplay servers since she was in high school. Writing stories with people was fun but when she ended up joining a D&D game it became obvious that being able to voice the character was a lot more fun. One day she happenstanced on a few of the crew streamers and got to see a few of the stories that they developed. Tuna fell in love with the idea of this type of story telling and applied. Tuna's first character was Anastasia Clark who is now Anastasia Gillgully. She's a sweet southern belle who started off as a Nurse with EMS. To Tuna it was a great way to start out and meet the city. The character played a support function in the city and let Tuna get cozy with the atmosphere and how to roleplay in the environment. Though this character quickly became more than just a support character and became a character with stories separate from just Pillbox. If you want to see Ana, she's easily found at Pillbox every now and then and still is one of Tuna's main characters she plays. Definitely not her second character but the other main character of hers is Claire Stewart. A British woman who came to Los Santos to follow a sister who'd left home and become a cop. Claire didn't think she'd like the job but tried it out anyway. It wasn't until she got to know the detectives of the investigations unit and those who'd been in the investigations unit before that she found where she'd fit in. Claire became a detective and hasn't really looked back. Getting to solve crazy cases and getting creepy texts from bad dudes is what she signed up for. Though like Ana, this character has developed away from being just a cop and has many fun adventures outside of work. Beach episodes being some of the best adventures with friends.

Other characters Tuna has played are; the now deceased DOC Sara Walker, totally not a cultist Renee Brooks, the newest dark wolf Cassidy Evans, and one of the murder kitties that resides with Thomas Keyes. Tuna started streaming back in August after deciding she too wanted to showcase her characters stories and help show off the stories of those who don't stream. She quickly realized she loved getting to talk to the community between scenes and share her love for story telling with others. Plus getting to laugh at the silliness that happens with people is so nice.

Find Tuna at:
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/engineeringtuna
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EngineeringTuna
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81eqwsBJKTPXWH4Y0OBZmQ