A Community Update

A message from Ezilii

Dear Community,

On December 4th at or before Midnight, I, Ezilii, the founder of TheCrewRp, will turn over the management and possession of TheCrewRp Community to my successor Mr_Grey. It is my last wish that you support him as you’ve supported me. 

I have more to say, some words of wisdom, but I’ll save you the tissues. 

Thank you for being a part of my journey and TheCrewRp.

It was a pleasure. I leave you in good hands. 

Stay hungry. Stay foolish,


A message from Mr_Grey

Hello there!

I am mr_grey and I will be taking over Community Leadership here on theCrew RP.  I hope you all will come along with us as we transition into a new structure (outlined below). 

You’ll notice there aren’t names yet attached to these roles other than mine. This is because in the coming days and weeks, we want to give the player base the opportunity to pick among themselves to suggest names for Team Lead for their groups. It is my hope that we all pick members we as players trust, can depend on, and are capable and willing to be in the role of Team Lead.

I know this is a shock to a lot of us. I know that we’ve been lingering in a bit of a patch. I want to say to you all clearly: I am here because I love theCrewRP. There is nothing in my heart but admiration and respect for all the players who have given their time, effort, and skills in their pursuit of entertaining and compelling RP.  Thank you, dear friends, for the excellent foundation.

There’s a lot to read below, and a lot of discussions will be had. This plan isn’t final. My DMs are open. The positions of Directors will be announced, as will the rest moving forward. Know this--we all have a place here and we all have a voice. I sincerely hope you will consider this plan, join in the project as we move forward, and bring your unique talents and skills to this server.

Thank you,




Structure Breakdown and Areas of Responsibilities

Community Lead
Oversees directors & community as a whole. Responsible for big picture ideas, direction, etc. Works directly with directors.  The final arbiter and guardian of the server, it’s intellectual and creative property, and disputes.

Community Director
Works directly with the following team leads and teams.  Manages aspects of out-of-character player relations and community management.  Provides oversight for coaching, moderation, and ambassador teams.

Community Team (Community Director)
Comprising the former Ambassador and Community Management teams with the goal to help streamline communications between two vital functions of work in TheCrewRp, communication and recruitment.

-Review Applications
-Accept and Warmly Welcome New Members
-Maintain TheCrewRpedia
-Manage and reply to tickets to help development sort bugs vs other requests
-Craft announcements as needed as directed
-Deliver new roleplayer orientation with the assistance of the coaching team

Coaching Team (Community Director)
This is a new team formed to assist in the overall coaching of the roleplay that occurs on the roleplay server(s) and works closely with the moderation team to identify those that need coaching to avoid further rule breaks. This Team works with the community team to provide roleplay orientation, work with the content team to create videos demonstrating desired roleplay types, and assist with developing roleplay story ideas with the grand narrative team.

Moderation Team (Community Director)
Remaining similar with some tweaks to their mission. They should be working closely with the coaching team to help identify trends and players who may need a little coaching to avoid moderation actions taken. Their primary function is to review moderation tickets, define trends, identify rule breaks and handle the outcome of said rule breaks up to and including server removal.

Director of Projects
Works directly with the Narrative, Content and Development teams.  Provides oversight for in-character aspects of the server.  Works closely with the Community Director to consider the whole player experience on the server. 

Narrative Team (Projects Director)
This team is formerly LSA or Live Server Admins, which they still have those duties too, however they help guide stories of players when they have some grandiose ideas that may stretch the boundaries of the established rules, and providing in the moment actions that enhance stories, assisting players in distress or helping correct player emergencies otherwise only solvable by admin privileges.

Content Team (Projects Director)
Comprising media and content team members into one team to maintain and manage social media, imagery, or video on behalf of the community and for player demands.

Development Team (Projects Director)
The development team takes considerations from the team lead and the directors to implement changes to meet the needs of roleplay.

Roleplay Director
Works directly with the Crim Activities, Civilian and Emergency Services teams. Provides coordination and overwatch for these “large-scale” player experiences and looks to enhance the RP pathways available.

Criminal Activities Team (Roleplay Director)
Represents criminal activities for roleplay discussion and concerns.

Civilian & Business Activities Team (Roleplay Director)
Represents civilian activities for roleplay discussion and concerns. Includes civilian jobs (mechanic, etc), businesses, and events.

Emergency Services Team (Roleplay Director)
Represents emergency services player activities for roleplay discussion and concerns. This is a mega group operating as a sort of mini-council of FD/PD/EMS/Law