Mission Statement

Creating memories and sharing experiences through compelling storytelling and humorous adventures.

Our Vision

We are a roleplay community based on trust, friendship, and love. This community has been created for all of us to spread positivity, but also to support and share the ups and downs, from our lives.

TheCrewRp is one of the most inclusive roleplaying communities on earth. We invite you to help us create memories and share experiences through compelling storytelling and hope that you'll make some awesome new friends along the way.


In April of 2019, partnered Twitch streamer Ezilii decided to start a GTA V roleplay server with some friends. It was called TheCrewRp and the server saw a steady dozen players at its creation. After a few months and dedicated hours from other Twitch streamers like Hugzie, Citra, Purple, and Rawb, word got around about this incredible server and what it has to offer.

We are a group of story-tellers creating memories and sharing experiences through compelling and comedic roleplay. We have deep, emotionally-charged stories about friendship, death, and family. We also have comical tales of failed criminals and aloof officers. There’s something for every player and viewer on this server, whether it’s following the chronicles of a banker with a rocky marriage due to his secret involvement in crime, or a group of wannabe gangster teens who have different, ridiculous personas for every robbery they attempt. The Crew isn’t just cops and robbers— it’s storytelling.

As for our community, we have a very involved set of teams for every aspect of server life. The Event Team helps players tell stories by providing support characters and the means to put on grand spectacles. We have a Content Creators Team which aids streamers in polishing their Twitch and YouTube presence. The Media Team creates graphics for in-game businesses, runs our social media, and writes informative blog posts. Admins, moderators, developers, ambassadors… There’s a team for whatever our players and viewers need! 

Contact Us

Discord: http://discord.gg/thecrewrp