Medical RP: Being a good patient

First Step is the registration with the MDT System i.e your Birth Certificate -

  • You will not be treated by EMS if you are not registered. 

Los Santos is a dangerous accident-prone place and you will require medical treatment. Here on TheCrewRp our medical team is absurdly qualified and are just waiting for something terrible to happen so that they can help you in your Medical RP.

Medical RP is a voice and text-based roleplay (/me) that adds details to both your injuries, as well as your treatment. By utilizing the /me and your voice, the injuries you recieve are left up to YOUR imagination. When you are new to a city, and / or new to the EMS Team you have no idea how this works until you are in that situation. We are here to support your RP and Stories and with this guide we hope to make it more enjoyable and help you have fun with your Medical RP.

Medical RP will have medical staff asking you via voice and /me commands ( /me checking injuries, /me checking vitals ) to explain your injuries. If you decide to remain conscious, you can verbalize what is wrong, and use /me commands to explain to the medical staff what they will be seeing. If you are unconscious, you will be using the /me commands to explain your injuries.

From headaches to amputation EMS is ready to assist with whatever you give them.

For example, if you were stabbed or shot, and have internal organs that were damaged, or if you were suffering from any internal bleeding. This is when YOUR Medical RP becomes interesting. You would “GUIDE” the Medical staff through /me and Voice how you are feeling and your injuries. 


  1. Be precise and detail your injuries to maximize RP i.e. Don’t answer with /me has multiple gunshot wounds
  2. Don’t answer with /me has 50 gunshot wounds. That’s not realistic and would take forever to treat. 
  3. Don’t use your phone during treatment. It breaks Roleplay and disrespects the other players.
  4. Keep things realistic. We will not reattach severed heads, or anything to that extent. 
  5. Think about your medical status. Example. If you have a breathing tube down your throat you shouldn’t be talking.
  6. Consider long term injury impact. If you broke your leg, maybe use an injured walk style.
  7. Lower your VOICE to a whisper when in the hospital
  8. Local Doctors” are invisible NPCs to take care of injuries when no player doctors are on duty via text RP
  9. EMS are not Doctors. They are not trained to do surgery and are not permitted to attempt it; they will call for “Pillbox Doctors” if a player doctor is not available to treat you.
  10. You don't have to be injured to need EMS. Maybe you have a disease or you want a prescription for something. Be creative





If you decide to kill off your character, you must confirm it with the medical personnel present through /me PERMA The only individuals who can officially declare a death is the EMS or a doctor. Only a doctor can sign off on a death certificate.

Autopsies - These are to be done by the Chief Medical Examiner. (Dr Liz Hart) If the CME is not available, EMS will Put you in the Morgue for Roleplay at a later time. . You will be contacted by Discord to explain the next steps. IF you don't hear from EMS staff, Please contact Dr Hart and set up your autopsy with her. 

Medical Personnel and What They Do

EMT/Paramedic: Usually first on scene. They will stabilize and transport.

Nurse: This is an EMS that works within the hospital to enhance your Hospital RP. 

Doctor: Responsible for full medical treatment of physical injuries. They are capable of performing surgery and prescribing medication.

Therapist: A psychologist is someone who has gotten a master’s degree in psychology at university. Furthermore, many psychologists have specialized in certain types of treatment. This person is then a psychotherapist. A psychotherapist or psychologist may not prescribe medication and therefore often opts for treatment which consists of talking. Talking about what worries you, what you want to do, what the problem entails, etc.


A Medical RP Example

In this scenario you are a criminal who was engaged in a shootout with LSPD and have been downed with significant injuries. When the scene is clear, a first responder will approach you to assess your injuries.

In this case, medical personnel will be BOLD BLUE, and the patient will be BOLD ITALIC RED.


  1. “Hello, can you hear me?”

    Here you decide if you are conscious or unconscious. If you are conscious, continue to respond over voice and engage the first responder to address your injury. Otherwise, it’s time to use text (/me) for your side of the RP.

    If Conscious... If Unconscious...
    "Yeah, I can hear you." /me is unconscious
    “OK good, my name is Sally Smith with EMS. Is it okay for me to help you?" “No response, I'm going to check vitals."
    "Yes, thanks." continue to step 3 Next decide if you're alive... continue to step 2
    If you are unconscious, you will also need to decide on having a strong, weak, or no pulse.
    If there is No Pulse, this will lead into CPR. Remember permanent deaths are Permanent.

/me low pulse


  1. “OK we have a weak pulse, Let's look over your injuries”

  2. Time for you to let EMS know what your injuries are, and how severe they are. This is your responsibility, not the Medical Staff.
    Leaving injury diagnosis up to the staff treating you would mean that they were powergaming your injuries. They are only there to provide treatment options, not to decide what is wrong with you. EMS are supporting your RP.

    Verbal Response (If conscious) /Me response (if unconscious or conscious)
    "I got shot. I think there's one there in my stomach, another in my chest. I think I hit my head. I am feeling really faint, like I've lost a lot of blood." /me has two gunshot wounds. 1 in the lower stomach, 1 in the chest. Large gash on the head. Significant blood loss.

  1. At this point, EMS should attempt to stabilize you, meaning they will “revive” you, but only for purposes of transport.

    “I'm going to place you on a backboard and get a C Collar on you. I'm also going to hook up an IV and start a Blood bag to help you during transport. I'm going to pack your wounds so we can temporarily stop the bleeding.”


  1. On-scene stabilization is complete and you will now be transported from the scene of injury to Pillbox Hospital for further treatment. When EMS attempts to move you into the ambulance, /drag will be used but the Medical Staff. Treat this as being brought in by EMS on a stretcher for RP purposes.

EMS will never perform surgery at the scene of an incident. That is the responsibility of the doctors on duty.
If no doctors are on duty, you will be transferred to “Local Doctors' ' and treatment is now in your hands through text RP.


  1. Fast forward through the ambulance ride, you are now at the hospital being transported to a bed. To make things easier for everyone involved, please use /bed to lay down in bed or stand on top and then use /e sitc when standing on the edge of the bed. Flopping can cause issues, DO NOT FLOP ( U ) Flopping in the hospital is not encouraged, this can cause issues within the walls of the interior. If you are continuing to Flop, you may be asked to leave.
  2. You will now be assessed by one of the doctors on-duty. The EMS will provide the doctor with as little or as much detail about your injuries as you’d previously given them. You will also be asked for your ID using /me check ID for your name so we can report your injuries in our MDT system. If you are conscious you will reply in voice and /me ID : (name) if Unconscious only in /me ID: (name) IF you are not in the MDT system, you will be transferred to the Local Doctor.

    The level of detail, at any point of this process, is entirely up to you. So here’s the rest of the medical procedure for once you’ve arrived at Pillbox or any of the hospitals in the city.
  3. Whether you’re conscious or not, the doctor on duty will engage in RP exchange through voice, just like EMS. When they are treating an unconscious individual, the Doctor will still vocalize their medical process. So, make sure to pay attention as they are going to be prompting you for information during this time.

    “Hi, I’m Dr. Hart. Let’s get you some x rays so we can see where these bullets are and to see if any internal damage is present.”


  1. /me all 2 GSWs bullets remain.. No organ damage.
  2. “Ok, looking at the images, I can see I can remove these bullets without any complications. Let's get you to surgery to remove them.”
  3. At this point, bullet removal and final treatment can go in a variety of ways. To keep things simple, you can allow the doctor to complete the work without additional complications, or you can extend the Roleplay and add complications to surgery and or injuries.
  4. If you want to complicate things a bit, here’s what that might look like:

    “I’ve located the first bullet, removing now.”


When a doctor pauses at any time during the procedure, it allows you to add in those complications to the procedure if you so desire. If it makes sense for you, go ahead.


/me the bullet comes out easily, but reveals that it nicked a vein and bleeding has increased substantially. Vitals are beginning to drop...


If we continue down this path, we could see how the procedure gets messy and allows for deeper and longer medical roleplay. We’ll stop that part of the example here, but know that there so many options when it comes to medical roleplay.


  1. “Looks like we’ve got all bullets removed, entry wounds sutured and our patient’s vitals look stable.”


  1. If you were sedated during the procedure, A doctor might say “Let’s give some time for the sedative to wear off.” to indicate that it’s safe to “wake up.”

    Now continue to use voice exchanges to wrap up your medical RP.

The doctor will explain your injuries and treatment completed once you’ve woken up or are ready to ask questions. They may ask you to come back in for a follow up in a few days after this Roleplay, to make sure your condition is still stable.